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5 home window cleaning hacks

You agree with me when I say that, we are all at some point tight on budget and we like to do it ourselves instead of hiring a professional. Cleaning windows at home could be tricky sometimes and intimidating. In this 5 home window cleaning hacks I will share with you some simple techniques to get your window sparking quickly and easily.

Cleaning your home window starts with having the right materials and equipment. You can easily get them from the hardware store around the corner. At this point, it is easy to think of using the cleaning materials you have at home. The truth is, it will not give you the sparkling output that you are looking forward to. Therefore, get the equipment specifically meant for window cleaning and it will make your life a lot easier.

So what are the equipment and materials we talking about here:

  • Belt Bucket with the detachable sieve in it.
  • Strip washer
  • Good quality squeegee
  • Putty knife
  • Paint scraper
  • Towels


I will show you 7 simple but very important step-by-step ways to clean your window to sparkling and shining. You need 2 towels, to begin with; one is wet and the other dry. The dry towel is very important since that is what you need to touch up the window. The moist or wet towel will leave visible marks which will make you do the work all over again.


With the wet towel, you will do what is termed window cleaning as whisking. This is the process whereby you get rid of any cobwebs or dirt hanging around the window. Make sure all debris from the window frames is gone nicely.


You will need the strip washer for this task. Begin by observing the window to see if there are stains and particles that are stacked on the window. There are instances where they will prove stubborn and refuse to come out gently. In that case, you need to scrub it off with the use of the strip washer.

You will need to use the edges of the strip washer to push the stacked particles off. When they are almost off then use the scrapper to take it off. Remember to scrap off the particles only when the window is wet, not dry. When you are done make sure to pull the scrapper down before putting it away. This is to ensure that you don’t cut yourself. Continue to wash the window making a big border around it and getting to all corners of the window. Give your window a very good wash.


The next thing is to wrap a little piece of the wet towel around your finger and do a backward movement on the window. Then take out your squeegee to stroke the water off the window. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose. The number of strokes depends on how big your window is.

Screeching the window and making sure that you use the same angle of the squeegee all the way down. Make sure you wipe off the squeegee in between the strokes. So what you are doing is just wiping off the water with the squeegee down the window. Stroking, squeezing, and wiping off all the way down.


This is the only time you are going to use the dry towel. You will have to put the dry towel around your finger and the rest of it hanging. Avoid allowing the whole towel to touch the glass. You just need the edge of the towel. Start cleaning also the edges where the squeegee couldn’t get to. Keep changing spots of the towel whilst you do this. Make sure you get a dry spot on the towel each time you use it.

Remember you are not only cleaning the glass but the frames of the window as well. So wipe the frames, sills, and drips of the window.


This is where you get to inspect the whole window system to make sure there are no streaks and also you haven’t missed out on something. If you have the luck of the day and the sun shines then it makes your inspection easier. The sunshine makes streaks visible if any at all. If you find any streaks, then you will have to repeat the steps again. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have any streaks if you follow the exact steps that I have shown you.

5 home window cleaning hacks

In conclusion to these 5 home window cleaning hacks, assuming there are 3 windows in your home. It is best to whisk all of them first, then wash and wipe and dry. This is how you will be able to finish quickly and easily. Again, it helps the water to soap the debris which may be stubborn to remove. When you will come back to continue it becomes softer and easier to remove.